April 01, 2013


Wally The Slim Stick-On Wallet For iPhone

Now this is an accessory for the iPhone that I can actually get behind.

Ican admit that I’m a bit of a risk taker—incomprehensible to most, I’ve now had my iPhone for almost two years and I still have no protective case for it!  The reason being is, I keep it in my front pocket (I’m just a smidge too old to have it constantly glued to the palm of my hand).  I just love the slim form factor and I really don’t want to give that up.  That is, until I met Wally.

The video above is self-explanatory.  This thing is just flat out cool.  It uses “high-tech micro-suction” to cling directly to the back of your iPhone without leaving any tackiness behind and best of all; it secretly holds all of your essentials- credit cards, ID, cash, etc.  Perfect!

Get one on Kickstarter



  1. I was one of the first ones to back this on kickstarter and I’ve loved it ever since.  Very convenient, very stylish and just over all chic. I love it!

  2. Do you know if they have this for the original iPhone???

  3. From what I can tell it’s available only for the 4/4S and 5.  I wonder if they’ll make any Android versions - Probably too many varieties, and right now, this thing is hand made.

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