April 05, 2013


To Netflix or not to Netflix

What are your thoughts on Netflix?


So “my friends” at Netflix really want me to come back.  About every three months or so, I receive an email asking me to come back for 1 month FREE, the latest iteration received today.

My question is - What do you all think of Netflix? The most recent email from them reads: “A lot has changed since you left - so we’d like to offer you another FREE trial!”  I know there is some exclusive Netflix material now, which might be kind of fun?  Anyone watching any of that?  Also, anyone hate it? The price seems to be right and it sure would be nice to wean off of cable.

I’m also interested in how tablet friendly it is.

Let me know!



  1. It’s worth it just for House of Cards!

  2. Netflix is good. The original content is pretty good, as Rick mentions House of Cards is a solid show. I definitely look forward to their new shows.

    Beyond that though, it’s the same old Netflix, with less availability if you have streaming only. So be ready for some older movies, or documentaries, or some older TV shows that maybe you never bothered with.

    The other big one for me is children’s shows. It’s great for the occasional treat for the kiddo as their are a ton of kids shows on there. And they have a new deal with Disney to offer all of Disney’s stuff. That doesn’t fully kick in for a while, but yeah. My son (and I) have watched a ton of Transformers episodes on there (old and new). smile

  3. With the free trial I don’t think I have much to lose to give it another shot.  Seems like it has its benefits.  With that, there has got to be a better way than giving the cable company close to $200/mo for mediocre at best TV…  Might be worth it just to see the Transformers episodes grin

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