Going Live

Please pardon the few outstanding issues we have on our punch-list. We'll have them buttoned up shortly!

Well here we are. The Jonster.com site is now live on the interwebs and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We’ve been so busy the last 12 months starting up the business, filing the paperwork, paying the taxes and fees to the State of Connecticut and doing “Portfolio Work” for much less than we should have been that we had been neglecting launching our own site. But hey, we’re here now and we’re happy!  =]

I’m am launching a bit prematurely (I estimate that we still have about 5% more to do on the punch-list to be “completed” [will it ever really be completed?]) because now that we have a few very happy customers out there promoting our work we wanted to be sure to give you an opportunity to see what we’re all about and give us an opportunity to see how we can help you.

Be sure to check back to see what we’ve been up to.  I’ll use this blog to write about client work, give tutorials, and for just anything else that generally comes to mind.  Music will be a big part as well.

Until the next time!




  1. Nice post! Best of luck to you - I’ll spread the word in Windsor, CT for you guys!

  2. Thank you, Vickie! We’re very excited. grin

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