Who we are.

jonster.com is Jon and Erika.   We've been working together since 1993!

  • Left Brain


    Jon is the left-brain part of the operation and is responsible for all things design and development.   He takes his visual and conceptual ideas and puts them into production.   Jon has extensive experience with SEO, design and development, web programming, hosting, XHTML5, CSS3, PHP, and consumption of coffee.

  • Right Brain


    Erika is the right-brain part of the business as she oversees most financial tasks and day to day operations.   Erika is a full charge bookkeeper and keeps up with client duties.   She is accessible, cheerful, and as organized as they come.   Erika, like Jon, is also a coffee lover - Especially Starbucks (no whip) Mochas.

Why choose us?

Jon started building websites in 1996, worked for Dot-Coms in Seattle into the early 2000's and then decided to venture out on his own after moving back east.

It is sometimes said that a business is started to fill a void, and we started Jonster.com for that very reason.   Far too often we see the vast majority of websites not incorporating best practices, whether it be html, css, design and navigation structure or Search Engine Optimization.   These things matter big time!   We work closely with you to explain every bit in detail, and help make your web presense a beneficial one. We've set out to heal the web -- one website at a time =]

Jonster.com prides ourselves on using the lastest techniques, incorporating best practices, and making your website easy for YOU to manage.   We design in such a way that makes you stand out from the rest.

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Where are we?

Jonster.com is based in the greater Seattle Tacoma area, however we work with wonderful people from all over. Go ahead, get in touch!   We would love to work with you.

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